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All the company needs to do is find a reliable provider and adhere to the regulatory standards of their jurisdiction. This makes it an ideal choice for companies who want to get involved in forex trading but don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up their own infrastructure. The Prime of Prime Liquidity Pool included with the cTrader White Label solution allows you to obtain the best rates from top prime brokerage banks, prime of primes, and financial institutions.

  • That makes it possible to make your own applications for your clients.
  • The company may integrate payment providers, CRMs, and other components, but the turnkey solution doesn’t include them.
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  • All-in-one cryptocurrency trading service where users make transactions, compare quotes, place orders, and monitor activity in a convenient format.
  • The interface of cBroker provides users with total control over the trading environment, as well as access to all operations and data in their entirety.
  • This means they offer pre-made systems that can handle customer payments and withdrawals, automatically book deposits to the right accounts, and make sure that the money is safe.

You can be sure that you’ll have access to the best items on the market, regardless of what you want to trade. CBroker is a cutting-edge new program that offers a complete back office solution for customer account administration and trading issues. The interface of cBroker provides users with total control over the trading environment, as well as access to all operations and data in their entirety. You have all you need with cBroker to keep up with the ever-changing world of online trading. This means they offer pre-made systems that can handle customer payments and withdrawals, automatically book deposits to the right accounts, and make sure that the money is safe.

Brokerage Technology

CTrader is a well-known platform with a proven track record of success, and it is used by all the market’s top brokers. A quick search on the Appstore for cTrader will reveal all the major companies that use this platform. So far, the point of this post was that white label systems are a great idea – in theory. That is why they have been around for decades in all types of industries.

Instead, we provide you with a sub-licensed platform, high liquidity, and our infrastructure in LD4 Equinix, one of the best data centres in the world – all of which you get by paying a set of fees. The White Label partnership forex white label is an easy way to start your own trading business without the need to obtain a full platform licence or expensive infrastructure. Tell us which platforms and instruments you are interested in and get an offer.

Intelligent Asset Management

We always strive to help our customers stay ahead of the competition and provide clients with best-in-class technology. Fxwhitelabel provides clean technologies and services specializing in MT4/MT5 Whitelabel solutions. We have modified the MT4/MT5 plugins to suit each broker’s specific trading needs. Forex Over-The-Counter is a market where trading takes place directly between two parties. This type of trading is completely unattended and does not require any dedicated physical location as the process is done electronically.

best forex white label solutions

One more aspect the X Open Hub company specializes in providing multi-asset liquidity; this is why brokers access deep Tier 1 liquidity pools that make it possible to execute traders’ orders instantly. Liquidity is suggested both in a complex and as an independent product. With the innovation of technology and global economical aspects, every individual or institutional customer has different ways to pursue trading behavior.

White Label Solution

Fortunately, there is the golden middle – get a White Label Forex company, partnering with reliable providers of FX technologies. Whether you are an IB and want to become a partner whether you are a WL partner with another company Mekness WL offers the sharpest back and front office solutions to facilitate your business. Your behavior, data and actions may be utilized to offer you optimal connections and services by approved and suitable providers fitting your account requirements and website actions. When contacting providers or initiating a provider request, match matrix or expert match review we may share necessary data to evaluate your compatability with our connected partners and suitable providers. The B2Core team has added a new Match-Trader section to their Platforms tab, providing users with a range of features and capabilities.

best forex white label solutions

You don’t have to mold them into standardized models that every broker insists on. You can give all the products under the Mekness umbrella to your clients which will save time and effort to gain new leads and connections. Utilize the knowledge behind a multicultural company and the benefits of a leading prime broker. That’s why working with a WL provider is a great option if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to get started in the Forex market.

Gateway to the World’s Markets

Our CRM includes lead management, sales analytics, email client integration, performance management, and more. This is a multi-functional system that can be used for the management of activities, accessing insights on compliance, sales data, KYC management, support system, and more. Start your own Forex brokerage with FXWhiteLabel back office management. Our years of expertise in this business and client-centric model help us to provide you with the best services in forex company formation and licensing.

best forex white label solutions

Beginner brokers pay for White Label solutions and maintenance only – no hidden payments or fees are attached. B2Broker provides trading solutions to hundreds of clients worldwide. The company has seen the multi-platform trend emerge on the market and meets the expectations of its clients by creating unique White Label solutions based on the most advanced trading platforms. We believe that in today’s ultra competitive markets, every broker must offer a wide variety of trading platforms to its clients. Otherwise, the broker would lose clients who wish to trade on the cTrader platform. In addition to the traditional trading capabilities provided by the MT platform, cTrader will almost certainly attract a new category of traders and investors.

Use the LiquidityFinder Match Matrix to find the right provider for your electrionic trading business!

These white label brokers have a longer history of offering reliable trading and payment solutions. The trading platform is the part of the broker that traders use to invest. Good trading platforms are difficult to create because they have to provide accurate analysis tools, precise prices, and simple investment opportunities. Each of these complex systems requires huge amounts of data and takes a lot of time to program, which is why many new brokers are reluctant to program their own platforms. The second way empowers brokerage companies to apply to other brokers that enable newer entrants to use their MT trading platforms. A trustworthy broker has already purchased a platform and offers newcomers access under their own brand.

best forex white label solutions

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